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Nicky is the Head of Customer Success at Showcase Workshop. She prefers Otago dried apricots to Turkish.

Excellent New Editor Feature #1: Link to Anywhere

Hello there! We recently posted a summary of all the excellent new features on the Showcase Workshop editing engine, going live on WEDNESDAY, 5th OCTOBER. You can check that out here.

This post covers one of the biggest most exciting changes to the editor - something we're calling "Link to

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Hubspot and Salesforce Integrations

The Jetsons have a lot to answer for.

Aside from teasing all the super-cool inventions that we still haven’t nailed - flying cars, jetpacks and Elroy’s anti-gravity boots - they also made it look like the 21st century would naturally provide a megaton of automation at our fingertips.

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Sharing Documents from Showcase

I seem to have had a spike in questions lately about Showcase's shared content features and the different options to make sharing easier if you have a lot of files in your library.

For a relatively simple feature, we do have a range of options on this one so I

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