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Nicky is the Head of Customer Success at Showcase Workshop. She prefers Otago dried apricots to Turkish.

File under "Fantastic" with the label "New Features"

When winter's only just 'over', but you're still grinding through the day-to-day, low-key fretting about the state of the world at large, it's nice to know that some things are getting better.

Specifically, the Showcase Workshop web platform and the features within for Admins & Editors.

I know it might

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File Replacement is now 3.4x More Powerful in Showcase

Did you know that there is a "Replace Documents" feature in Showcase?

When you're editing a showcase, it's in the "More" dropdown. You can use it to replace all instances of a document or video within a single showcase.

However, we've recently taken this "Replace Documents" idea and SUPERCHARGED it

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Design of the Month: Toll Group NZ

January 2017. A new year. New challenges. New potential for growth. That's what Toll Group NZ thought - and they needed a new way of selling, too, in order to fully capitalise on 2017's opportunities. Time to make some waves!

Enter Stun, who put together a sophisticated set of slides

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Design Showcases Quicker than Ever...

...with our brand-new IDML template.

We at Showcase find Adobe InDesign one of the most useful pieces of software to design Showcase slides with - it's got a good balance of typesetting, and image-based capabilities, including robust vector support.

If you're thinking of using InDesign to create your Showcase slides,

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Design of the Month: PartsTrader

Will Cass doesn't muck around. And as Product Manager at PartsTrader, he knows that his reps can't muck around either. They only have a short window of time to introduce the PartsTrader proposition to mechanics and business owners.

So after spending a mere 5 weeks checking out Showcase Workshop, Will

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