If you've even tangentially touched the Showcase editor platform at any point, you are going to love this feature.

We're stoked to announce that you can now select multiple hotspots in your presentation at once. It sounds simple on the face of it, but this new feature has some powerful implications for your presentation building. Long story short, it's about to get so much quicker and easier.

This is you making Showcase presentations with speedy joy

Let's get right into it. In this new, current release of the web platform, you'll be able to select multiple hotspots, in one of two ways.

  1. You can drag out a 'marquee', or selection area, encompassing multiple hotspots.

2. You can hold down the shift key while clicking multiple hotspots.

Either way, you'll end up with multiple hotspots in your selection, like this:

The first major benefit of this is that you can move, delete, copy, and paste multiple hotspots at once.

The implications here are huge. Move a whole list of hotspots to make room for one more at the bottom? Done, easy. Clear out a whole slide of hotspots so you can start again? Shazam, just like that (although we do check first).

Blast 'em.

It's the copy and paste part that'll really rock your noggin. With multiple hotspots selected, you can use Ctrl + C to copy them all. Then you can navigate to a completely different slide, and use Ctrl + V to paste all of those same hotspots you just selected.

Imagine if you wanted to put an Account Manager headshot and contact details on all 6 slides of your core product offering slideshow. This used to be a tedious endeavour. Now you can select the whole set...

And paste, paste, paste to your heart's content!

The second major benefit of selecting multiple hotspots is that you can line them up perfectly and space them evenly.

This is done by a new tool in the hotspot toolbar, "Hotspot Position". It looks like a set of arrows in a plus shape.

If I select multiple hotspots and then click this tool, I can choose to align all my selected hotspots to the left or right edge of the selection; the top or bottom edge of the selection; or the vertical or horizontal centres of the selection. I'm going to pick the left edge in this example.

Once I've done this, all my selected hotspots will align perfectly to the exact same left edge. Brilliant! Further to this, I can choose to space these hotspots evenly so there's equal space between each.

Now I have a gorgeous precise list of hotspots, aligned and evenly spaced. Beautiful!

The final major benefit of this new multi-select feature is being able to apply hotspot styles to multiple hotspots at once.

Sticking with this example, I might like to change the font, font-size and colour of the selected hotspots. Previously I would have had to do this one at a time; now it's straightforward with multi-select:

It's not just text-based hotspots that this is useful for; I can also set the corner rounding and hotspot shadow on multiple image hotspots at once.

We're extremely stoked about this feature, and we hope you enjoy it too. Let us know what you think!

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash