Design of the Month: Placemakers Canterbury

Here at Showcase we love it when iconic Kiwi businesses come on board to use our award-winning tool to share their story.

Placemakers Canterbury started working with Stun Sells in September 2016 to get a sales toolkit up and running - powered by Showcase of course!

It was a collaborative & iterative build, with the final design taking advantage of Placemakers' distinctive geometrical brand elements.

The showcase includes a series of slides that tell the "Canterbury Story", and specific slides addressed at different services and markets - including builders & trade customers.

When presenting from the Showcase app, the Placemakers Canterbury team can choose which slides to show, depending on where the sales conversation is going. Clear customised content at your fingertips is much more compelling than a bloated Powerpoint that you have to dig out of Sharepoint!

While the Stun team took care of most of the designed slides, they also provided a template so that Placemakers staff could upload monthly specials & publish these out as updates to the team. This means the team has latest deals right there on a tablet - no more waiting around for the latest catalogue to print and ship.

In addition to the slide set, Placemakers Canterbury also took advantage of Showcase's ability to host fillable forms for their "Build a House Competition" at the World Busker's Festival in early 2017. Our team quickly turned around a form build in keeping with the brand (below).

Competition entries could be easily collected with a few taps, and even if the tablets were offline, entry data was queued to send later - much easier than a stack of paper on a clipboard!

To see what Showcase (and Stun) can do for your brand, get in touch today.