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Rhiana Clarke

5 posts Wellington, New Zealand.
Rhiana is the Customer Success Manager at Showcase. She enjoys watching Bruce Willis movies, 70's music, and consuming large quantities of chips.

Design of the Month: ampm

In New Zealand, when you're on a pie expedition, having an energy drink emergency, or forget to pick up the milk on the way home, you head to a convenience store like The Fix or Night n Day. In the US, your go to convenience saviour is ampm.


ampm has

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Navigation Stations

Bring your map and binoculars, because we’re barrelling on in today, to investigate the wonderful ways you can navigate your way around your showcases in the Showcase Workshop app.

This is for Viewer users in particular. If you're an Admin - stay tuned for an upcoming piece on all

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Computer says no: Shared Content Timeouts

Here at Showcase, we're all about sharing. Sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing the shame of needing three coffee runs on a Monday morning.

We know that you, our awesome Showcase Workshop users, love to share too - our Sharing function is one of our most popular features! So, because we

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