Things here at Showcase are usually pretty cool. We're very good looking nerds that build awesome things all day, every day - it's a pretty sweet gig. But every so often we’ll do something that is so huge and so amazing, that it gets sends us to Celine Dion live in concert levels of excitement.

This is one of those times. Very soon, we are going to be launching a new version of the Showcase Editor - the engine that you use to build your showcase. And there are more improvements then you can shake a stick at.

We'll be going live with a brand new Showcase editor on Monday 1st of October, 2018.

Come launch, you'll be able to use both the exisiting old editor AND the new and improved one, so please don't panic. We'll be providing you with loads of helpful explanations, how-to blog posts, and tutorial videos covering everything you need to know about the new editor.

So, why are we changing the editor?

The purpose of us building a new editor was not just to make something pretty and different. We wanted to actually improve the way you build within Showcase - making everything faster and more intuitive for you as a user.

The layout will look a bit different, but there is absolutely no reduction in functionality - all the features you currently use will continue to be available. In addition, we'll have a couple of new helpful tools that we're sure you'll love.

As well as the parts you can see being slightly different, we've also engineered a ton of changes under the hood. The result for you is a more stable, speedy, and buttery-smooth editing experience. Less spinners, less lags, less clicks to get stuff done, and more bliss!

Implementing these changes now also makes it much easier and quicker for us to continue improving features in future.

Change is scary we know, so this is a helpful PSA. We'll be sending out more information very soon, and come launch week, we'll have in-depth looks into different parts of the new editor for you to look over and familiarise yourself with.

Just to repeat; you do not have to use the new editor right away if you do not want to. We obviously do encourage you to try it out and give it a good go - but you are welcome to do so in your own time.

We'll continue to be here for you to talk to and ask questions, and as always, we're available for free training sessions too.

Get in touch with us at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.

Please stay tuned for more information! Are you excited? I am!