Ever stumbled upon a forgotten $5 bill in your pocket?

Well, this is kind of like that. Only better.

With Showcase, discovering overlooked features can be more rewarding than finding crumpled-up cash.

And let's be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a delightful surprise?

Whether you're just testing the waters with your free trial or you're a seasoned Showcase user,  there are features tucked away that are just waiting for your attention.

Time to embark on your very own Showcase treasure hunt! Shall we?

Shine at Tradeshows With Kiosk Mode

Trade shows: You’ve got tons of potential fish to catch, but you’ve only got a few nets.

How about a little help? Showcase’s kiosk mode is the answer to your “I wish I could clone my best salesperson” prayers.

You can craft a presentation that's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, only fancier. Let attendees decide their journey, and rest easy knowing there's an invisible bouncer ensuring they stick to the VIP areas.

Internet issues? No problem. Showcase laughs in the face of spotty Wi-Fi. With everything preloaded, you're all set. No buffering, no waiting, just pure presentation power.

Got a captivating video? Keep participants’ eyes glued on it! With the looping feature, it’s always showtime at your booth.

Forget the old "throw your business card in a bowl" trick. It's 2023, and we’re all about digital! Easily scoop up contact details using our intuitive forms.

When you use Showcase’s kiosk and trade show features, your trade shows no longer need to include brochure mountains or business card avalanches. Why just show when you can Showcase?

Turn the Mic: Capture Data With Forms and More

Slide over, one-sided presentations! With Showcase, you can gather data from your audience using forms, quizzes, and competitions.

From a simple "Hey, drop us a line!" pop-up to the fancier, "Let's delve into the depths of your thoughts" multi-page forms — the choice is yours.

And for those with a soft spot for branding and intricate details, HTML5 is ready to roll out the red carpet for you, with dropdown menus and other customizing features.

And when the party’s over, you can sweep all the insights you’ve gathered into a neat CSV file. A few quick clicks, and the data’s ready to mingle with your favorite CRM.

Oh, and did we mention the fun part? You can get the audience's brain gears churning with quizzes and competitions — because who said data capture can't be a party?

Get a Virtual Front Row Seat to Every Click and Pause

Have you ever wanted to peek over a prospect’s shoulder (in a non-creepy way, of course) to see what they're loving in your presentation?

Showcase turns that wish into reality with sophisticated customer behavior analytics. Go beyond open rates and look at the entire saga of their journey as they move through your materials.

Each time you share a presentation with the world, Showcase gives you a virtual front-row seat as your prospects go through it.

Check out how long they lingered, which parts stole the show, and the scenes they played on repeat.

These insights can also help you craft follow-ups that are so spot-on, your prospects will wonder if you’ve got psychic powers up your sleeve.

And think about the iteration possibilities. You can polish and refine your presentations based on the hits and misses, and watch your engagement soar. Adjust, refine, and dazzle them every time.

Eliminate the Fear of the Blank Page With Design Templates

Starting from scratch can be a drag, but what if you had a helping hand?

Enter Showcase’s snazzy templates! These templates are crafted by our design wizards and are just waiting for your personal touch.

In one corner, we have our System Templates, created by our Showcase design maestros.

On the other, bespoke Workshop Templates that scream YOUR brand.

Want to use a template and get past the dreaded blank page blues?

Log in to the Showcase Workshop platform and hit “New Presentation.”

See those Workshop Templates? They're your brand in template form. And right below? The versatile System Templates. Scroll, explore, or click "Show more" to see all your options.

Fun fact: Our templates don’t stick to set categories. Got an eye on “Automotive” but you’re in the pizza business? No worries! Grab anything you like, and make it your own.

Once you’ve picked a starting place, jump into “Edit” mode to multiply the magic and add, tweak, and transform. And if you're hunting for more tricks for leveraging templates, peek into our Knowledge Base.

Don’t Just Display — Engage With Your Audience With Calculators and Interactive Tools

Tired of blank stares during your presentations? Let's crank up the interactivity dial! With Showcase and HTML5, you can get a whole new level of engagement with your presentations by building in calculators, quoting tools, quizzes, and even adjustable sliders.

Got some existing HTML5 tools on your website? Bring them into the Showcase fold. After a quick conversion, they'll fit right in. And if you have any trouble implementing our interactive features, our supportive crew is just an email away.

No more settling for mundane sales conversations. Step into a space where your presentations spark conversations and connections with Showcase’s interactive features.

Create Remarkable, Memorable Presentations With Showcase

Showcase offers a suite of powerful features to elevate your presentations, gather insightful data, and ensure meaningful interactions with your audience.

Are you using every tool in the Showcase toolbox? Hopefully, this post has sparked some ideas for expanding your repertoire.

Log in today to create your next great interactive presentation.