We're always tinkering behind the scenes of Showcase - constantly looking and working for bigger and better improvements to how both you as users and we as showcase-ers use the platform.

Over the past while we've made a few changes and improvements that might have slipped your eye, so here's a quick overview of all our changes.

Sharing email copies.

When you share from within your showcase, your sharing emails are now copied separately to viewer users, it's no longer a CC within the email.  This means there's no longer a risk of any confusion regarding "who actually opened this" in the sharing history area.

A quick reminder about sharing history: it lives under your Reporting tab and within it you can see a centralised summary of which of your leads have been accessing the content you send to them, and when.

If the list is pretty long and you're looking for a particular person, you can use the filter at the top to narrow it down.

Click on one of these to see a more detailed view of which files were sent to them, whether they read the email and whether they downloaded any of the files.

You can still turn off the ability to get a copy of sharing emails in the Settings dialog of both the website and the app.

Form logs.

If your showcases have forms in them, viewer users now get to see a log of forms that were submitted under their login.

The URL to check these form responses is https://app.showcaseworkshop.com/workshop/default/form.

Showcase used to only allow Admin users to see form submissions, but now viewers can follow up with their own leads! Super key and helpful for events such as trade shows and conferences.

Shareable files in Outline.

We now show you a list of the files shareable on all slides, and files shareable on each individual slide, from the outline page. Reminder - you can check the Outline of a showcase by clicking the More dropdown.

We didn't use to show this feature in the Outline but it now gives a more complete picture of your showcase as a whole!

Moving Files.

The 'move to' folder dialog has been improved to be bigger within the files tab. This is so you can clearly see more options for a folder to move your files to.

Replace Files.

Replacing files is now easier than ever! The replace files dialog now has search at top for easier and faster access to your files. Woohoo!

IDML template.

There's a brand new IDML template available in the "new blank showcase" dialog.  The new template is 16x9 HD landscape, so if you're in need of this size - select 'New Blank Showcase' and select 16:9. You can see under the 'Background Image' text there is a link to download the IDML template.  

Reset user passwords.

As of now, Admin users can send reset password emails for users within their workshop.

If one of your users needs a password reset, head to the Users tab and select the user you'd like to reset. You'll see these buttons:

All you have to do is select that Send Reset Password Email button and the user will receive an email asking them to create a new one. This email will also mention the fact that an Admin may have requested them to do this - so there will be minimal confusion!


All in all there are also a few bugs that have been fixed and performance optimisations under the hood to make your experience quicker and smoother! Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey.

Also if anyone has  any features or suggestions they'd love to see in Showcase, please get in touch with us! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Email us at helpdesk@showcaseworkshop.com and let's chat.