You might be sitting with a befuddled look on your face - Showcase reviewing another product called Showcase? Is this some weird Inception, meta thing?

Well kind of, but not quite. Recently Dropbox released a new product called Dropbox Professional, which comes with a new feature called Dropbox Showcase. Naturally, we were keen to check it out for a number of reasons, but mostly because it contains the name Showcase and we knew our customers would ask us about it and expect us to know what it is and how it works.

Dropbox describes DB Showcase as “a new way to present your work in a single, professionally branded page - a great tool for designers, salespeople, and marketing pros.” And we’d agree!

We did some exploring and got into the nitty-gritty of what this new feature is, and how similar we are - besides the name.

The Showcases

Building your own showcase in Dropbox is user-friendly, and straight to the point. From the get-go, it looks like you're building components of your own web page. There are only four sections to organize and they all have handy action buttons on them, so there’s really no messing it up.

The four components are:

  • Add a featured image
  • Add a logo
  • Add an introduction
  • Add files

They’re base settings and cannot be moved or changed - something to be wary of. Having a feature image is nice - it’s the same basic premise as your Facebook cover photo - This could be really cool if you’re pitching aesthetically pleasing products, or just want to show off some of your best work!


The arrangement of files is pretty darn cool. The aim of the game for these showcases is to display your files/images/whatever you upload, into a formation that reflects how you want them to be accessed and viewed.

You can arrange all your files in exactly the way you want, then add context with an intro message and file captions.

Having a play with the alignment of files is fun and really allows you to create a professional looking page of content - rather than a bunch of tile display files in a row, which can be overwhelming.

However, there is no ability to make folders or different pages so everything is all on the main page.

As far as I can tell, with my random trial uploading - they accept most file types, but not GIFs.


Your Dropbox Showcase analytics are accessed inside the showcase, by clicking a ‘graph’ icon. Once inside, you can sort analytics by either Files or Viewers. Unfortunately, there's no additional option here, nor can you add your own.

The analytics are fairly minimal, but if you're wanting the basics of who read what and how many times then its straight to the point. Under each section, there is a list of 3 different titles: views, comments, and downloads.

You can filter under each file name or viewers. Viewers can filter by name or email address and files by title or filename. You can see your total showcase views, comments, downloads too but that's about it.

In short, the analytics are good if your main objectives are tracking who reads/opens your content, and what parts of your content are most popular. They don't go into much depth and there's no option to export the data.


So what's the deal with sharing?

The Sharing settings are pretty basic. You can set your settings to either: “Anyone with a link can comment” or “Only people invited to this Showcase”. In each showcase, there is a share button where you input your recipient's email and your message to be sent along with your showcase.

You can also import all your contacts from your google account, which is a nice feature.

On the other end, when your recipient receives the email, the email itself has your featured image, your logo, your introduction blurb and the title of your showcase with how many total files are in the showcase.


It's easy to hear the name and wonder how close we're going to be but the good news is we're more like distant third cousins once removed, rather than twins. The contrast between us is very obvious and we have more differences than similarities.

Dropbox Showcase lets you share all your work in one professionally branded page and it's really marketed itself superbly to those who have portfolios and extensive work to share in bulk.

Showcase Workshop is a complete sales toolkit. It's more than a one-pager, and you can literally build it to fit whatever your needs may be. There's no mandatory design or layout - the Showcase world is your oyster!

We give you crazily in-depth analytics, and extensive sharing capabilities, and Showcase gives you seamless access from any Apple, Android or Windows 8.1+ device – that includes your tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. Us, in your pocket at all times - pretty darn handy.

We're not peas in a pod, more like ships in the night. If you're keen for a chat about how Showcase Workshop can help fit your needs - give us a bell at, we'd love to hear from you!

(Are you sick of the word showcase yet?)