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Design Showcases Quicker than Ever...

...with our brand-new IDML template.

We at Showcase find Adobe InDesign one of the most useful pieces of software to design Showcase slides with - it's got a good balance of typesetting, and image-based capabilities, including robust vector support.

If you're thinking of using InDesign to create your Showcase slides,

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Design of the Month: PartsTrader

Will Cass doesn't muck around. And as Product Manager at PartsTrader, he knows that his reps can't muck around either. They only have a short window of time to introduce the PartsTrader proposition to mechanics and business owners.

So after spending a mere 5 weeks checking out Showcase Workshop, Will

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Don't be a victim

Even if you're not all over tech news, you're probably somewhat aware of a large-scale hacking attack known as 'WannaCry'.

So far, an estimated 200,000 computers in 150 countries have been affected, across a really broad range of industries including hospitals, banks and telcos.

WannaCry utilises a type of

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