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Windows, Chrome and Webapp Releases

Last week we released updates to our Windows App, Chrome App and Webapp.

Windows 5.2.0

We've added open externally support for URLs.

URLs normally open within the Showcase app's in-built browser.

Ticking the box underneath the destination URL means Showcase will ask the corresponding system to open the

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Windows and Chrome Apps - Release 5.1.3

We've made another release this month with a few updates to both the Windows and the Chrome apps.

Your apps will be automatically updated but over the next 48 hours.

New features include:

  • Clicker/remote/presenter support in slideshows
  • Keyboard shortcuts added
  • Field labels now shown in Showcase Popup Forms
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Showcase 5.1.73 Webapp Upgrade

Showcase Workshop Webapp (Version 5.1.73) includes the following new features:

Ready-made templates for easy Showcase creation

Now when you start a new Showcase you'll see two options:


  • Create a "New showcase from template" or,
  • Create a new showcase from "New blank canvas"


Our new templates are really

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Showcase 4.1.47 Web App Upgrade

We released 4.1.47 of the Showcase Web App today.

The new features in this release include:

Hotspot Keyboard Shortcuts

We've added a couple of shortcuts for editing your hotspots.

  • Click on a hotspot and start typing to automatically enter text mode (you no longer have to click 'Text'
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Showcase Workshop 5.1 Web App Upgrade

Showcase Workshop web app 5.1 is now live. So what's in store?

Arrow keys now move hotspots

A much requested feature has been the ability to nudge hotspots around the screen using arrow keys. So we've added it.

The arrows work in all directions and if you hold Shift

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Showcase 5.0 Web App Upgrade

We released an upgrade to the Showcase Workshop Web App over the weekend - the web app is of course the place where you do your showcase creation and editing.

Here's the lowdown on the improvements:

Send email when link in shared content email is clicked

The wait is over!

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