Play it again, Showcase! This is a brief note that you can now set a video to endlessly loop in Showcase - until you exit out of it. Leave it running, it'll play again and again. Look Ma, no hands!

This is ideal for if you want to leave a video running at a tradeshow, or in the background while you take questions in a presentation.

This feature is still in Beta and will work in the latest version of:

  • the Showcase Workshop app for iPad & iPhone
  • Showcase XE (for Windows)
  • Showcase Mac
  • the Showcase web viewer ( under the 'Showcases' tab)

The feature will not work in Android yet - apologies, Android users! - but as soon as we do get it working, we'll be sure to let you know.

So, how does one set this up and see this in action for oneself!?

First, you will need Admin or Editor access so that you can edit your showcase.

Second, when you add a video, or click on a hotspot that has a video already added and then click on that video's name, you'll see a tickbox underneath that video saying "Video loops until closed".


Click this - and remember to publish your showcase! - and then you can check it out on the latest version of any of the apps listed above. Make sure you do have the latest version though - as this is a brand new feature, it won't apply to older versions of the apps.

That's it! If you have any questions or comments, about this or any other Showcase feature, remember you can always fire them through to