In a world where time is money, and money is, well, more money, every savvy rep knows that a swift sales cycle is a surefire path to success.

Yet…a Databox benchmark survey of over 300 companies indicates that the average B2B sales cycle takes 2.1 months.

If you’re tired of sales cycles that feel longer than a Game of Thrones box set binge, there are ways of speeding things along without alienating your prospects.

Say goodbye to languishing leads and snail-paced deals, as we explore some cycle-shortening strategies that'll leave your competition in the dust and have your customers singing your praises.

Widen the Circle

While it's true that sometimes one person calls all the shots in making purchasing decisions, in many cases, teamwork makes the dream work. So if your solution impacts multiple people or departments, it's wise to engage with these folks sooner rather than later.

Sure, it might feel cozier to stick with one decision-maker, but doing so might just land you in a pickle later on in the sales cycle. Unmet needs or objections can pop up like unwanted party guests, and the longer you wait to involve others, the more work you'll have to do to convince everyone of your value proposition.

Keep in mind that every organization, whether it's a high-powered corporation or your friendly neighborhood farm stand, has a process for building an internal business case. So don't put all your eggs in one basket — expand the circle and watch your sales cycle shrink!

Get Marketing Involved in Lead Qualification

When marketing hands over non-qualified leads to sales, it's like tossing a banana peel into your sales funnel — it’s slippery and bound to clog up the works. Calendly surveyed 1,000 knowledge workers and found that 40% believe they participate in too many meetings — and specifically called out meetings they don’t need to be present for. Sales professionals are no different. Meeting with poorly qualified prospects leads to a lower close rate and frustration among reps.

The solution? Let marketing work some technological wizardry to automate the qualification process. By adding self-qualifying routing forms to your calls to action, your marketing team can better score and qualify leads, sending only the cream of the crop prospects directly to a scheduling page to set up a demo or a meeting with the best-suited sales team member.

The result? A zippier sales cycle and the ability to scale your campaigns by nixing tedious administrative tasks, so your team can handle more leads without hiring extra staff. That’s a win-win all around.

Make It Easy to Schedule Time With You

The surge in inbound marketing has given rise to "call to action fatigue" on many lead-generating websites. To combat this issue, incorporate a scheduling link into your contact form so you can promptly engage with warm prospects while demonstrating your respect for their time.

The primary objective, regardless of your workflow, is to empower prospects by enabling them to arrange meetings or demos on their terms, at a time that works for them. By providing a quick and efficient scheduling path, you can maintain momentum from your prospect’s initial interaction with your website. Plus, your customers will love how easy it is to get on your books and explore your solutions.

Streamline the Cycle With Sales Enablement

Picture this: a salesperson's day without sales enablement solutions. They're juggling numerous leads, trying to recall product details on the fly, and fumbling through outdated presentations that would make a branding expert weep. It's like being a plate-spinner in the circus, with more and more plates added every minute. Something’s going to break, and the sales cycle will suffer because of it.

Now, enter the hero of our story: sales enablement solutions! Showcase Workshop offers you a one-stop shop for all your sales material needs. No more juggling, fumbling, or outdated presentations — just a smooth, seamless sales experience.

With sales enablement tools, sales reps can:

  • Access up-to-date materials quickly, impressing prospects with their knowledge and responsiveness
  • Personalize presentations for each prospect, making them feel like the center of attention (because who doesn't love that?)
  • Analyze data on content usage and effectiveness so they can fine-tune their approach like a skilled orchestra conductor
  • Collaborate with marketing teams in real-time, bridging the gap between content creators and sales magicians

All of this adds up to a faster, more efficient sales process that also provides a far better customer experience. Sales enablement solutions can help you trim down your sales cycle, leaving you with more time to celebrate your victories and bask in the glow of your success.

Final Thoughts on Shrinking the Sales Cycle

We've explored some essential strategies for shortening the sales cycle and smoothing the path from first hello to receipt of purchase. You can use these tactics to optimize your sales approach and close more deals in less time.

To ensure you're armed with the best tools for the job, sign up for a free trial of Showcase Workshop. Our powerful sales enablement platform will help you implement these cycle-shortening strategies and set you on a more efficient selling path. Get started today.