Welcome, fair sales leaders, to our very own time-jumping DeLorean!

Buckle up, as we're about to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to revisit the old-school sales tactics that were pure gold back in the day. But don’t worry — we're not leaving the 21st century behind. We're going to supercharge these retro strategies with a sprinkle of modern sales enablement technology.

So slick your hair back, polish your wingtips, and let's see how some classic sales methods can still make us kings and queens of the sales floor.

Making Cold Calls Sizzle

Cold calling doesn't have to send shivers down your spine anymore. Thanks to sales enablement software like Showcase Workshop, you can warm up that cold outreach and instantly send prospects the right materials without the hassle of having to add them to a mailing list.

The Showcase VIP Pass feature is your secret weapon for engaging with contacts who may not be familiar with your offerings. Instead of relying on simple email sharing, the VIP Pass makes sharing seamless, and enables you to add a personal touch that sets the stage for more meaningful connections.

Using Showcase's VIP Pass, you can easily share public-facing presentations with a group of potential clients and customize the messages they see.

Here's how you can make the most of the VIP Pass feature:

  • Reach out to your existing customers and potential clients who you may not have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, using email as your bridge.
  • Share the link across all your social media channels, attracting prospects who may not have provided their email address yet.
  • Incorporate the links into your product web pages or relevant blog posts.
  • Encourage your entire team to include the VIP Pass link in their email signatures, amplifying your outreach efforts and creating a unified brand experience.

Nurturing Bonds That Last

With Showcase as your sous chef, you can add a sprinkle of tech to your tried-and-true relationship-building recipes.

Showcase’s sales enablement tools empower you to:

  • Securely share files from any mobile device, which fosters trust
  • Actively solve problems and answer questions by sending personalized content
  • Access relevant resources and information to quickly address client concerns, solidifying your role as a trusted advisor
  • Manage and track client communication, so you can respond to messages promptly and keep conversations moving in the right direction

Face-to-Face Sales: Where the Magic Happens

In this age of digital tech, it's easy to feel like the good ol' days of in-person interactions have gone the way of the dodo. But don't get your suspenders in a twist. The magic of face-to-face selling is alive and well — especially when it's paired with modern sales enablement.

When you have Showcase Workshop in your pocket for in-person sales meetings, you can present the latest up-to-date materials with flair and finesse from any mobile device. Say goodbye to the days of lugging around huge volumes of paper sales materials like spec sheets, brochures, and flyers.

And powerful analytics can give you insight into how prospects engaged with your content during in-person meetings, so you understand what resonated most and provide even more value in future face-to-face interactions.

Once Upon a Time in Sales

A captivating story can cast a spell over your prospects, transporting them to a world where your product or service is the hero they've been waiting for.

And sales enablement platforms like Showcase Workshop can be the fairy godmother that elevates your storytelling prowess to magical heights.

With Showcase, you can craft a mesmerizing narrative that weaves together compelling visuals, interactive content, and a captivating script.

Showcase's robust analytics can also help you refine your narrative by identifying which storylines resonate most with your audience.

ServiceIQ, a New Zealand-based industry training organization, used Showcase Workshop to create an efficient and eco-friendly solution for sharing their content — and they upped their storytelling game at the same time.

“Most of what we do is about storytelling,” ServiceIQ’s marketing manager Gary Bowering says. “It’s telling other people’s stories, the success stories that our customers have had. And then creating that content so that our team can have examples to use when talking to employers, trainees, and students.”

Find out more about how ServiceIQ uses sales enablement to lower its print costs while improving connections with clients through the power of stories.

The Art of Persistent Pursuit

Ah, the follow-up — the pièce de résistance of every sales rep’s repertoire!

The secret to crafting the perfect follow-up lies in the delicate blend of persistence and finesse, all made possible with a dash of sales enablement.

With Showcase Workshop, sales reps can quickly access a library of pre-approved follow-up materials — like templates, articles, or case studies — so the content they share with prospects is always relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with the company's branding.

And better yet: Instead of having to attach those supplemental materials to the bottom of emails, where they’re likely to get overlooked, you can share easily-accessible VIP links that actually get noticed.

By keeping an eye on which content your leads are engaging with, you can provide valuable, timely supplemental information in your follow-up messages that is personally tailored to each prospect’s specific needs and interests.

Click here to see some examples of great follow-up emails that will help you keep client connections piping hot.

A Timeless Fusion of Vintage Techniques and Modern Tools

Traditional, time-tested selling tactics still hold enormous value today. When combined with the power of a sales enablement platform like Showcase Workshop, these old-school strategies can be supercharged to elevate your sales game.

So, why wait for a time machine to whisk you away to sales stardom when Showcase Workshop offers you the perfect blend of yesteryear's charm and today's technology? Sign up for a free trial of Showcase Workshop to find out how this dynamic duo of classic tactics and cutting-edge sales enablement can transform your sales team into a formidable force.