We already gave you a cheeky heads-up that a new editor was on its way. Now, we have video proof!

The below is a super speedy run-through of the main changes, so you can get a sense of what's changing in advance of the beta launch (coming this Monday, October 1st NZ time).

We set this video up to be silent, with titles, so you don't need headphones to watch.

It's around 10 minutes - here's a breakdown:

0:00 - 01:57      -    General changes to the editor layout
01:57 - 03:54    -    How some of the primary editing controls will change
03:54 - 06:53   -   Major new features including zoom & undo
06:53 - 10:14    -   Minor new features

For any questions or concerns, reach out anytime to helpdesk@showcaseworkshop.com, and look out for the new editor available in your workshops this coming Monday!