Do you feel like there has to be a better way to train your salespeople than making them sit behind a desk and passively watch training videos on a learning management system (LMS)?

Are you tired of watching your salespeople struggle through endless hours of video content and product training information, only to find out their skills are no better than when they started?

You're not alone.

The traditional learning management system (LMS) approach to sales training is becoming increasingly outdated, and sales teams everywhere are craving more hands-on, immersive experiences for their reps.

Enter Showcase Workshop: the answer to bringing sales training to life right in the field, where it matters most.

So gear up. You’re about to learn about a hands-on, mobile-friendly, interactive option for sales training.

Why Hands-on Training Beats Traditional Learning

With Showcase Workshop, you can offer a refreshing alternative to traditional LMS training. By allowing your salespeople to take their training into the field on a mobile device, Showcase provides practical learning experiences that help your salespeople grow.

Here are a few of the reasons hands-on learning is superior to traditional LMS training:

Training your people right on the devices they’re using to sell

There’s no better way to make training more accessible to your sales reps than to provide it on the devices they use most, including their phones and tablets. Put the materials they need at their fingertips — and keep the content interactive with quizzes, feedback, discussion boards, checklists, and images — and they’ll be able to learn more efficiently and retain the material far longer.

Plus, when you deliver sales training through the Showcase app, your sales reps will be using the same app to learn and to sell. This increases the likelihood that the training will stick, because reps will be able to use it immediately — versus learning at their desk and then trying to translate those lessons when they’re face-to-face with a customer.

Applying training to real-world sales situations

Showcase Workshop empowers sales reps by bridging the gap between theoretical training and real-world sales situations. By taking the training into the field, Showcase empowers sales representatives to apply the knowledge and techniques they've acquired directly to live customer interactions.

This approach accelerates the learning process and gives your reps’ confidence a big boost as they practice their skills in real-life sales situations.

Because Showcase Workshop’s app gives reps access to the materials they need in the field, they can also quickly review and reinforce their learning before stepping into a customer meeting or sales pitch.

So if you’re looking for the best way to keep your sales reps well-prepared and equipped to handle any situation, toss out the LMS and get your hands on the Showcase app.

Getting immediate feedback

Unlike taking an online course at a desk, field training with Showcase makes it easier for reps to get real-time feedback from trainers or experienced colleagues who are onsite with them.

And when your salespeople can get more guidance and coaching, it makes them better reps that bring in more sales.

Customizing your content

Let’s face it: Pre-packaged sales training modules aren’t exactly…riveting. So why not customize your training to fit your company culture, products and services, and specific selling methods?

Your sales leaders can use the Showcase app to create customized content that caters to the unique needs of your sales team and organization. By incorporating company-specific knowledge, industry insights, and customized best practices, you can design a bespoke training program that addresses the challenges your sales reps face in the field.

If you want your reps to learn and retain more — and keep their sanity during training — this personalized approach is the best possible choice.

Keeping sales reps engaged

If you’ve ever sat through an online training, you know what “eyes glazed over” really means.

Nothing will tempt your reps into multi-tasking, checking email, or grabbing a quick snooze faster than plopping them in front of multiple modules in an LMS.

On-site, hands-on training is more engaging for your salespeople, so it’s more likely to hold their attention — which means they’re more likely to stay “in the zone” and actively participate in the training.

Tracking success

Wondering if your field training is really working? There’s an easy way to find out.

Showcase's robust analytics features make it easy to track your team's progress so you can identify areas for improvement. This helps you fine-tune, streamline, and optimize your training program for new and experienced reps alike.

Turning the Page on Sales Training

By moving away from passive, desk-bound training and embracing a hands-on approach, you can invest in the long-term success of your sales team.

It's time to break free from outdated LMS training and step into the future with Showcase Workshop. Get ready to revolutionize your sales training, boost your team's performance, and achieve outstanding results by taking your training into the field.

Start your free trial of Showcase Workshop today, and witness your sales team’s transformation from bored, drooling trainees to fully engaged reps who confidently close deals in the field.