There's the odd time when business tools are so good you feel like you have to share them with others. Products that are not just ok, but seriously good and you can hand on heart say they improve your business.

There's a few of these products that we use at Showcase that are so good and / or so useful that we'd openly recommend them to others and Zoom Meetings is at the top of the list.


Zoom Meetings is a brilliantly simple to use video and audio conferencing tool for hosting meetings of any size - as few as two people or as many as 200 depending on your pricing plan.

The amazing thing about Zoom is that it actually produces unsolicited comments from customers about what a good experience it is for them and as leaders we know it's great for us too.

I don't know if it's because we've all had so many bad conference call experiences but regardless, it's highly likely Zoom will be able to positively influence your attitude to conference calls.

At Showcase our conference calling needs are pretty simple:

  • Online product demonstrations for customers and prospective customers
  • Product training for Showcase Administrators & Editors
  • Our team are spread around the world so video chat is a great way to feel a bit more connected to each other

Zoom comes with all the standard services you'd expect: both audio and video streaming, share desktop, documents, photos, and web pages. Participants can join from a weblink with a single click, they can dial in for audio only conferences or a combination of both.

Our favourite things about Zoom are:

  • It just works! I know this should be taken for granted but anyone with video conferencing experience knows this is not always the case.
  • When we want to just chat with someone in our own team we can fire up a conference call with a single click, the other person follows your link and you're chatting. Just like that.
  • This one might be specifically awesome to us given the nature of our product but as well as allowing you to share your PC / Mac screen you can also share you iPad or iPhone screen too. The transition between the two is really seamless so if you need to jump back and forward between an iPad and a laptop it works really well with very little lag between them.

Zoom has a bazillion other features that we don't utilise but that look like they'd be pretty useful for larger enterprise teams.

So if you're looking for a great conference calling tool this is one we're very happy to recommend to others. We're not being paid to say this and we're not a reseller of Zoom. We're just giving credit where credit is due.