Howdy, Showcase Admin users. You know we like you a lot. And we want to make life better for you whenever we can.

Most of you use our Manage Access feature regularly; but if it's new to you, there is a summary here.

One thing that's historically been a little tricky, has been the ability to find a quick overview of all the showcases a given user has access to.

So we've tried to make life a little better for you by adding a feature which lists all the showcases a specific user has access to, right on their user details page.

Get to the user details page by going to the Users tab, and clicking on the name or email address of the user you want to look at.

The list of showcases that this user can see is down the bottom of the page & reflects access that the user has through group membership as well.

When you add a user to a new group, refresh the user page to see an updated list of the showcases they have access to as part of the new group.

Remember that if the user you're looking at is an Admin or Editor, they're going to have access to all showcases no matter what!

We're hoping this helps folks with big teams and/or a lot of showcases to confirm user access quickly.

Let us know what you think by emailing