Not a "you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger", future-predicting crystal ball, but more like a 'Wicked Witch of the West' crystal ball. That is, one where you can see what's happening from afar.

We have cleverly engineered the Showcase website into a magic viewing portal for the present and the past. Through the clearing mists, you can get a sense of the actions of your sales team, & if they're on the golden path, or straying off into the woods.

This brand-new feature is something we're calling "Timelines". A timeline is recorded when a Viewer user looks at a showcase, on any of the showcase apps. You can then see that timeline on the User Analytics page, under their name, in Reporting. And it looks a bit like this:

That is showing you how long a Viewer user looked at a showcase (4 minutes and ten seconds), and which slides and files they were looking at. You can see at a glance that this user had the Main Menu open for quite a while before starting to look at other slides.

The timeline shows up as part of a list, which includes records of the sharing done by that viewer user as well.

You can hover over the coloured segments within the timeline to get a clearer picture of which slide or file they were looking at, & how long for:

If those coloured stripy bars look familiar, you may be thinking of very a similar feature, the timeline of a shared showcase in the new Sharing History area. The blog about Sharing History is here.

Occasionally, one of your reps or Viewer users might only open the showcase briefly. When that happens, there's not enough time for us to record a timeline, so you'll get a message like this:

It's worth noting as well, that this feature is only available to Admins & Editors, not Viewer users themselves.

We're hoping this will prove useful in being able to break down the typical flow of a sales meeting and seeing which content is resonating with your staff. Unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, we're sure you'll use your crystal ball for good, not evil!

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