Somewhat predictably, there’s been a rush on beat-up commentary in the media over on the various failings of the Apple Watch.

Generally they’re variations on these favorites:

  • It’s just an expensive remote control for your phone.
  • Why would I use that tiny screen when I can just use my phone?
  • Better to wait for the second version when there are more features.
  • And my all-time teeth-grinder: “The battery life is terrible."

I mostly ignore reviews anyway but I certainly wasn’t set on buying an Apple Watch when I strolled into One Stockton Street last month. “Just for fun” I tried one on and like a reported 85-90% of other suckers who got that far down the rabbit hole, I was magically parting ways with $649.00.

Having been quite literally armed with the Apple Watch for a month now, here’s the top five ways it’s improving my behavior as a sales person:

1. Evernote App

Of the third party apps I’ve installed, this one is the best. For the first few weeks I was using Siri to send myself email reminders but Evernote actually has much better functionality for this. Dictate a reminder for yourself to the Evernote app, then it will let you select the time you want to be prompted - this afternoon, this evening, tomorrow etc; send it off to yourself and Evernote will conveniently remind you as requested.

2. Map vibrations

The official name for this is the Taptic Engine. Each time you’re due to make a turn or take an exit, the Taptic Engine will vibrate on your wrist and / or offer you a chime to indicate your next action.

A bonus if you listen to audio books while you drive; you can turn off the voice command on your maps and not miss a single narrated sentence.

3. Voice response to text messages

This is another really useful feature while driving. Read the incoming text on your wrist, reply by speaking to your watch and then select to send your response in words or as a voice message.

4. Quickly scan emails and dismiss the junk.

I can keep my inbox as clear as possible by scanning for time waster emails and deleting them straight away without picking up my phone. The Apple Watch means I can do this while waiting for a client meeting to start without a client coming to greet me and I appear to be messing around on my phone. Just messing around on my watch instead!

5. Finally, a stylish step-counter

Not exclusive to sales people, but if you feel that part of your responsibility in business is to be well presented then you likely also agree that a neon coloured, rubber step-counter slapped on your wrist doesn’t exactly scream style and good taste. Say hello to the Milanese Loop.