I know, I know! Updating your device’s operating system and apps is like eating vegetables, drinking eight glasses of water and showering regularly: mostly feels like a hassle, but good for you in the long run.

These days device manufacturers make the update process painless by providing you with auto-update features so the updates just happen in the background. If this option is available on your device and you’re regularly connected to “free” internet we recommend you switch it on.

If you need more justification than “because it’s good for you” here’s the three main reasons to keep up your apps and your operating system up to date:


I know Windows users have been conditioned over the years to tread cautiously around upgrades. Good, modern app developers take feedback from customers and update their app on a regular basis to include the most requested features.

At Showcase, the upgrades are and always will be free so if you’ve ever submitted a feature idea there’s a chance you really might get something for nothing in the latest upgrade!

Performance & Stability

New versions will always perform faster and more efficiently than old versions. The engineers and developers behind your apps and operating systems pour weeks – even months or years – of their lives into improving the performance of your apps. So make a developer happy today; get the update!


Yes, it is the big bad wolf of reasons to get your updates. Updates address vulnerabilities and insecurity in older versions of software and this is really most important when it comes to your operating system. Just think of it as insurance.