A new version of Showcase Workshop for iPad and iPhone went live today.

Notable changes are:

  • Showcase downloads can now be queued
    If you're a new user or you've got your mitts on a fancy new device and your company account has a number of showcases in it you can queue them up for download. The app will show you which showcases are queued so you're free to have a cup of tea while the magic happens in the background.

  • Upgraded PDF rendering
    You'll notice faster and sharper rendering of large PDF documents.

  • Special support for sharing and opening proprietary file types If you'd like to include specialty files, that is files that don't appear on our supported file list this option is now available to you. You can include these files in your showcase presentation and in your shared file library. For any files that are not on our list of supported files you (or your recipient) will need the appropriate software to open it. Some examples are Photoshop files, CAD drawings or Adobe Illustrator files.

  • We've added an "Open With" option for PDFs when 'In Place Sharing' has been enabled This will allow you to open files in other programs such as Mail, Google Drive, Dropbox, iAnnotate or Good Reader.