Android 4.4.3 has been released this morning with the following updates:

  • Multiple Showcase download feature added
    Showcase downloads can now be queued. If you're a new user or you've got your mitts on a fancy new device and your company account has a number of showcases in it you can queue them up for download. The app will show you which showcases are queued so you're free to have a cup of tea while the magic happens in the background.

  • Auto-update feature support This feature has been available in Beta for iOS for a while and it's now available to Android users. Administrators can enable 'Auto-update' in the 'Manage Access' area of each Showcase. When enabled, updates to the applicable Showcase will be downloaded automatically without the user having to accept them.

  • Google Smart Lock integration.

  • Open with external app Now you can add files that are not on our list of supported file types. When the hotspot is tapped, the app will prompt the user to "open with external app" if a supported app(s) is found on the device.

  • Other updates are Android 6 compatibility, PDF viewer fixes, layout fixes, offline experience improved.