For the past three years I’ve been using my tablet as my primary presentation device in sales meetings.

The people I'm meeting with usually bring their tablets too and over the past three years I’ve seen:

The good: Oh, shiny new device! It lasts for how many hours?!

The bad: I’m bet your kids are lovely but a wet wipe is all it would take to remove their sticky finger prints from your screen.

The downright ugly: Sure, take “artistic” snaps of your girlfriend*, however they’re best filed in a folder that syncs to your personal devices.

*Yes, I have witnessed this. Let’s just say, some things can not be unseen.

But above all of this there are two things that divide the pros from the amateurs:

1) The settings on your tablet’s sleep timer.

For me this is the #1 indicator that the person presenting to me cares more about themselves (their battery life) than they do about my enjoyment and comprehension of the presentation.

Letting your tablet go to sleep and having me sit by while you log back in derails the conversation and gives me time to drift off and think about other things.

Here’s how to access the sleep timer on your device:

  • For iOS (Apple): Settings > Auto Lock or Sleep > change to NEVER or MANUAL.
  • For Android: Settings > Device > Display > screen timeout > select a period of inactivity
  • For Windows: PC Settings > PC and Devices > power and sleep > adjust sleep settings

Go on. Do it now!

2) Learn to love your charger.

If you’re using your tablet even semi-frequently as a presentation tool you’ve got to accept battery drain as a fact of life and learn to love your charger.

If you’re on the road, one of these USB chargers will be the best $10 you spent since you joined Netflix:

  • Your Uber driver will almost always be gracious enough to let you plug in your own device to the 12V charger.
  • Some rental cars only have a USB port is in the stereo.
    If you charge your phone from that port it’s likely that you won't have any audio from Mrs Maps while you’re trying to navigate your destination. Plug your tablet into the stereo and use this adaptor to charge your phone so you can retain the voice commands.


If you’re using your tablet as a presentation device these two things will ensure you always look like the professional that you are.