Showcase Workshop web app 5.1 is now live. So what's in store?

Arrow keys now move hotspots

A much requested feature has been the ability to nudge hotspots around the screen using arrow keys. So we've added it.

The arrows work in all directions and if you hold Shift and then arrow you'll get a bigger nudge across the screen.

New toolbar

We've added editing options to the top toolbar of the creation screen. These are the most popular options that you previously had to access from the home screen:



Permanent corner guides

The new "corners" navigation now show permanently in the editor so you can sure of whether they're going to conflict with your design before you push Publish.


Font enchantments

We've added a series of enhancement that'll help users who are not working with a graphic designer for their template.

First off we've added a larger range of font sizes. Rather than just small, medium & large you can now pick a specific font size.

Pro tip: if you're adding body copy that you want to be easily readable across all devices, make sure it's at least 14 pt.


We've improved the font chooser so you have a nice big preview of each of the available fonts.


Previews for large Showcases

We've also improved the performance of the outline view for showcases with > 100 pages.

And lastly here's a couple of things that probably don't keep you up at night but you can rest easy knowing they are happening in the background:

  • We've made upgrades to our server operating system (for security)
  • We've upgraded our database server version (for stability)

Just in case you missed the 5.0 updates a few weeks ago you can check out the full list here. The biggest feature in the last release is automated notifications whenever a recipient opens content that you share with them from Showcase. Very handy!

Happy Showcasing.