Once upon a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, to present your business to a potential buyer you had to slog around a briefcase full of promotional documents, sample products, and Filofaxes (remember those?).

As your product catalogue grows and business booms, keeping up with the content and price fluctuations becomes a mission and a half.

New Zealand owned and operated organic food wholesaler Chantal Organics took that challenge on board and have found a way to revolutionise presenting wholesale products - by using Showcase.

Utilising the size capacity that Showcase offers, they have space and ability to load every product they offer in their showcases, in beautiful high-resolution images. Using submenus and slideshows, they have effectively organised their products into categories, thus maximising the user-friendliness for their salespeople.

Need Organic Almond Flour for your amazing Organic Baking section? No problem - it’s under the Flours tab. Boom.

Their design presents a low maintenance, yet aesthetically pleasing combination of functionality and style. You may think it would be a challenge to fit in so many different types of presentations, but by using a grid layout and making images the focal point of each grid, it becomes a user-friendly and simple process.

Design agency Stun provided Chantal with design files of their product categories to allow Chantal to be able to edit their slides themselves, giving them full control over their showcases. Products and prices can change frequently, and having the editable files makes it not only fast to edit but also ensures they’re never showing outdated content to suppliers.  

They also have the ability to add in new slides as new product arrives - no wait time!

Chantal's branded brilliant blue logo really stands out in comparison to the earthy neutral browns. By having a background in a neutral colour, it allows the product images to pop yet using texture in the slide keeps it from looking flat. Nailed it.

Showcase has helped Chantal Organics present who they are as a company and their product in a streamlined and beautiful manner. If you're interested in seeing how Showcase could transform the way you sell products, get in touch with us at helpdesk@showcaseworkshop.com and let's have a (virtual) coffee.