We tried to find a spooky presentation for October's design of the month, but the best we could come up with are the frightfully effective designs of one of our newest customers, Freightways. They may be low on scares, but they're thrilling if you're a marketing nerd like us!

Freightways is a New Zealand business with operations in New Zealand and Australia specializing in express courier, mail delivery, and information management. With Showcase Workshop, they've created a content library for several of their brands, including New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste, and Sub60.

Our friends at Stun designed a series of presentations for Freightways using our 16:9 (2048 x 1152 pixels) template, which is optimized for Android devices, iPhones, and most Windows devices.

Each brand has its own designated sales presentation chocked full of all the material a sales rep could want. The presentations are branded with that company's brand colors, fonts, and imagery, which makes each one look new and exciting.

Take the New Zealand Couriers presentation, for example. The main menu employs the brand's signature red and yellow. The white hotspots stand out against the red, and offer several options for beginning the sales presentation — almost like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

The presentation for Post Haste starts with a similar menu. On first glance, you'd think the two were completely unrelated but — when you look at the hotspots — you realize the two menus cover a lot of the same ground.

From here, users can navigate to different sub-menus or slideshows. We love this use of presentations within presentations! It makes it so easy to customize your pitch to your prospect without being boxed in by a linear presentation.

Freightways makes excellent use of its sales materials, with some elements appearing in each presentation. The Customer Story slideshow, for example, remains the same across all three brands. Instead of recreating it or uploading it multiple times, they've uploaded the slideshow once and linked to it from each presentation. If they ever need to update it, they can replace it across all presentations at the same time.

Talk about making content work for you!

These multi-use slides use neutral colors, fonts, and images so they slide right into any presentation without encroaching on branding.

As you can imagine, courier delivery companies offer a lot of different services. This is one area where Freightways really leans into the choose-your-own-adventure aspect of a sales presentation.

Each brand has its own slide with a hotspot for each service. The hotspots link to slideshows that go into more detail about the services, so sales reps only need to focus on the services relevant to their prospect(s). It's part presentation, part dedicated app.

One of my favorite sections in each Freightways presentation is the Toolkit User Guide, accessed via a discreet, unobtrusive hotspot at the bottom of the main menu. This two-slide guide is actually a guide for using Showcase Workshop. It gives a quick run-down of how to navigate the presentation, including what each button looks like and what it does.

Each guide contains the same content but — like the main menu — is branded appropriately. The screenshots are taken directly from the presentation so the user has a familiar point of reference straight off the bat.

This is an excellent way of introducing new users to Showcase Workshop. We do our darndest here at Showcase to come up with creative solutions for training large teams, but having a quick guide is a great backup.

Freightways has done an incredible job of setting up their presentations for maximum efficiency and visual appeal. What they've created is more than a presentation. It's a personalized app that encompasses the customer journey perfectly.

If you're ready to give Showcase Workshop a whirl, sign up for your free 14-day trial today!

Header image by Freightways.