Whether it's an energy drink emergency, a late night treat or a practical purchase on the way home from work, you've probably got your favourite convenience store brand. If you're based on the West Coast of the US, that store may very likely be ampm.


ampm has almost 1000 franchised stores running the length of the West Coast of the United States, from Washington State all the way down to the tip of sunny Southern California. Customers were hungry for the stuff, and ampm has ‘Too Much Good Stuff’ (their slogan). Match made in heaven.

But, how do you ensure that over 900 stores have access to content with or without an internet connection? And make sure they all have the right content for their area?


They needed a solution that was modern, easy to use, and would work seamlessly across a range of mobile devices. Enter... Showcase.


ampm started working with Stun Sells to get a toolkit up and running. The ampm team created different showcases for different sites and geographic markets, making communications even more targeted and easier for customers and consultants to use. All of this was done without any third-party development.


Their showcases are chocka full of resources for both customers (franchisees) and field users (consultants and business developers). Things like store Planograms, pricing documentation, and manuals for store equipment and resources are readily available and easily distinguishable from one another. Colour coding makes for quick locating of particular showcases - for example, Schematics showcases are magenta, and Planograms are green.

The navigation had to be intuitive and easy for all staff, including those who speak English as a second language.

"I don't know any other tool that can be this flexible” said Luisa Salazar, Director of ampm & ARCO brands at BP West Coast.. “[We have] received nothing but positive feedback from our users.”

Aww thanks Luisa. You've made us blush...

A fun aspect of ampm’s design, is their seamless use of the Intro Video feature. Each showcase has an intro animation video of their loveable giant mascot TOOMGIS.


TOOMGIS is the embodiment of their slogan "Too Much Good Stuff". He came about due to a need to modernize that tagline and increase brand awareness, and public affection for the giant convenience food man has come in droves! And how could you not love him, he has a cheeseburger nose!

Showcase Workshop was a perfect fit for ampm’s needs. It was easy to use, simple to navigate, and fully interactive for users. To see what magic we can weave for you, try a free demo