January 2017. A new year. New challenges. New potential for growth. That's what Toll Group NZ thought - and they needed a new way of selling, too, in order to fully capitalise on 2017's opportunities. Time to make some waves!

Enter Stun, who put together a sophisticated set of slides for Toll Group NZ to use with Showcase.

Being able to use Showcase's non-linear structure meant that content could be arrayed on a map, to present Toll's forwarding options around the globe, accessible from one tap.

Using Toll's main brand colour for the tappable areas ("hotspots", in Showcase parlance) keeps navigation consistent.

And, for slides with less navigation, large-scale images keep the story compelling too.

Toll are able to present their Health & Safety information straight from the main menu, for those that are interested, and can share this information (like everything else) direct from the tablets in order to put prospects' minds at ease. A great way to get potential customers on board.

Once these slide designs were full steam ahead, managers at Toll got some one-on-one training from the Showcase mavens to learn how to swap out files in the presentation with ease. By mid-March, they were already showing it off to counterparts in Australia! Implementing a new sales platform entirely within the first quarter - pretty impressive.

2017 is already looking ship-shape for Toll. If you want to turn your own sales process into plain sailing, get in touch with us today.