Our latest Android release went live today and it includes 82 features and bug fixes. Phew!

The main things you'll notice in the app are:


  • HTML Zip support and Showcase JavaScript API which is the the fancy way of saying we now support your HTML5 calculators and forms on Android devices.

  • Rotation for PDFs - just flip your device around to view PDF files in an alternative orientation.


  • Push notification text display improved. Instead of the generic "3 updates to Showcase presentations are available" it now says "Awesome Sales Presentation" published in "The Acme Company Workshop"


  • Showcase Forms are now available for Android devices. If you have any of our grey pop up forms in your Showcase that you've been using on iOS or Windows they're now supported on Android. Also we have a WYSIWYG* editor coming in the near future so you can create these forms simply and easily whenever you need one.

You're welcome.

  • WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get.