It’s 2007. Intranets are booming, every company under the sun has one and you’re at the peak of file management innovation. But now it’s 2018 and intranets are a thing of the past. When it comes time to move away from old school methods, where do you go?

Showcase Workshop was tasked with bringing global giant ARCO into the now, so we strapped on the jet packs and got to work.

ARCO heard about Showcase Workshop through their friends ampm, and obviously, TOOMGIS must have put in a good word for us. (If you don’t know who TOOMGIS is, he’s ampm's mascot and the literal embodiment of good stuff).

ARCO were looking for a replacement for their legacy intranet i-gate. Their new tool needed to work across all sorts of devices and not require any sort of special implementation from IT (time is precious).

Luckily for ARCO, Showcase covers all of that and more.


It had to be deployed inside of 3 months as their contract was coming to an end with i-gate and they wanted to “burn the ships” so to speak, so they weren’t running two systems for any length of time (counter productive!).

So we took it into high gear and were able to implement Showcase seamlessly into the ARCO world in record time.

They had considered but in the end we won them over by the fact that Showcase has an interactive display and looked a bit more slick than a big ol' bunch of folders.


All ARCO franchisees, no matter where they are in the country, are able to access exactly the right information and content whenever they need it and in the convenience of any device they need. Separating large content buckets such as Website Library and Forecourt Details into individual showcases allows users to find what they need in a flash and eliminates pointless tapping and swiping through pages and pages of documents.

ARCO have established great brand continuity throughout their showcases in a number of ways. All ARCO showcase design match perfectly to all posters and physical stores - if you know ARCO, you know their showcases.


Our ‘Intro video’ feature has been expertly utilised by ARCO. When users open any of their showcases, they’re greeted by this short, stylish animation of the company logo and a shutterboard display of the showcase content. The best thing about the intro video is that it works in the actual showcase content - everything about the design and video alike is seamless.


If you're keen on joining ARCO in the future and leaving intranets and Powerpoint in the dust, why not book a free demo with us and let's start the beginning of a wonderful friendship.