Since planting it's pioneering vineyards over 30 years ago, Jackson Estate has developed a reputation for fine wines which express the unique flavours of their Marlborough Vineyards and vintages.

Their wines are distributed world-wide with partners in Asia Pacific, Americas, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

Apart from producing outstanding wines (check!) the challenge of keeping their distributors up to date with the latest information is key to success internationally.

With the help of Showcase they can send updated information to distributors anywhere in the world and at the click of a button the distributor is up to date. No emails, no paper, no couriers.

We wanted profile Jackson Estate's design this month because we think their approach is clever and unique. It's a great example that a Showcase hotspot doesn't have to be a traditional square or rectangular shape - wine bottles and other product images work well too!


These designs were produced for Jackson Estate by our friends at Stun and reproduced with their permission.