You might remember that last year we featured a Design of the Month all about showcases we built for Vodafone NZ. Vodafone is arguably one of the most recognisable brands on the planet, and have been enthusiastic Showcase users since way back.

A global rebrand for 2019 meant that all of their promotional and business materials needed to be refreshed to match the new Vodafone brand guidelines, so we jumped in to help make the brand refresh process smoother and recreate their showcases in a beautiful new style.

Here's a peek at their old design!

Vodafones's rebrand not only included moving from a black and white style to brightly coloured slides - it also included a bunch of brand new photography for their showcases. They were able to give us access to their online digital asset management system so that our designers could source pre-approved images directly, rather than having to go back and forth with the Vodafone team.

Similarly their brand guidelines gave clear instructions on how to achieve the new "red half" look, which made it easier for the design team to hit the ground running! The new look is bright and clean, and every slide has the instantly recognisable Vodafone red.

One of the early drafts had a similar setup to their previous design, where hotspots/menu items were represented just with simple text, but we decided in order to make hotspots appear more "tappable" and interactive we'd include a slight square shape and an arrow icon.

We also took this opportunity to make some wording more consistent. For example - capitalising the phrase"Sales Tool" across the board, and removing vague references to "online page" and replacing with a product description e.g. "Vodafone Red Share online".

Showcase's easy method of replacing files means that Vodafone can update all their actual sales tool PDFs & brochures - redesigned by a separate design company - by themselves, concurrent to us redesigning their slide images and replacing those as well. It made it easy to work in tandem without a large amount of rebuilding or extra work for either side.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to see what Showcase can do for presenting your own sales collateral, get in touch with us!